Industrial row brews over planned police act

A long-awaited report into the deaths and injuries of 17 children was published today with the police and coroner arguing that 더킹카지노“the force’s actions were inappropriate.”

A full review of the incidents involving young black children who died in Liverpool’s city centre in 2014 – and the findings that have been drawn up – could lead to recommendations that would improve care for those whose deaths were not investigated.

Liverpool’s young black victims and parents have now launched an online petition calling for the force to “look again” at what happened that summer. The group, which includes parents and children’s rights campaigners including the Children’s Society, has collected more than 9,000 signatures in just two weeks.

The report, publ바카라사이트ished in the Daily Star on Tuesday, was commissioned by the council in September and was the result of more than three years’ research and public consultations.

The inquiry found that the police failed to “conduct the appropriate investigation into the deaths of the children and failed to act quickly to respond to the children’s tragic deaths”.

It also suggested the police should have stopped the children’s “exploitation or exposure to drugs” and failed to consider whether there were any other children in a more affluent area of the city centre at the time.

The review was prompted by the deaths of three of the children – including a five-year-old – at a local park on the day of the shooting. No suspects have been arrested in the killings since the initial investigation began in November 2014.

It concludes that it took “several days” after the killings for officers to arrive in the city centre after they were unable to gain access to some schools because of a planned “social order order management exercise”.

It notes: “During this time officers were still unable to attend a number of schools as staff from other areas of the city were aware of the police presence on the streets.”

After the police failed to attend a school and a large block of residents were evacuated from their homes, two officers were sent to find the victims.

The children – one of whom was six – all died in their homes while police officers were “disposed of by another squad of police officers, some of whom took the children with them to the park where they were shot.”

By the time a member of the public arrived at th바카라사이트e scene, the children “had been shot by officers at close range” and police were “on all fours facing away from the children.”

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